Bookmarking Revolution

Level up your reading game with our exquisite Wooden Magnetic Bookmark - A perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Each bookmark is hand-finished, showcasing the unique grain patterns and warm tones of the wood. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, allowing you to enjoy your reading adventures wherever you go. With its charming aesthetic and practicality, our wooden magnetic bookmark makes a thoughtful gift for book lovers and a delightful addition to any reading collection. Elevate your reading experience with this timeless accessory and let it be a gentle reminder to get lost in the magic of words.

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Magic in Your Hands

Jolie Tran, the local coffee shop owner in downtown Toronto, discovered the enchantment of wooden magnet bookmarks. With Link Tong, the crafty visionary, they assembled a whimsical team of 5. Join our mission to make reading come alive, transport yourself to captivating worlds, and create unforgettable stories!

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Will the magnet in the bookmark damage my books?

Rest assured, our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark is designed with a gentle grip to protect your books without leaving any marks or indentations.

What makes your bookmark unique?

Our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark is a versatile accessory that can be used as a magnet, keychain, and a delightful gift. Explore its multifunctionality and convenience.

Will the magnet securely hold notes on my fridge or other surfaces?

Absolutely! Our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark features a strong and reliable magnet, ensuring your notes stay securely in place on any magnetic surface.

How durable is the Wooden Magnetic Bookmark?

Our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark is crafted with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands regular use and remains a reliable companion on your reading adventures.

How does the keychain feature add value to the bookmark?

Our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark doubles as a stylish keychain, ensuring you always have your bookmark handy. It adds convenience and makes it easy to carry your favorite books wherever you go. Just simply loop any key ring that you already have to the suede top.

Will the Wooden Magnetic Bookmark work with larger hardcover books or delicate pages?

Rest assured, our Wooden Magnetic Bookmark is designed to be compatible with various book formats, including larger hardcovers and books with delicate pages. It adapts effortlessly to any book you choose.